Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pitter Patter

After what sees like a brief winter slumber, it seems Lizzie has resumed her journey across the US! I had my suspicions when I started hearing the distinctive pitter patter of her wheel more, but I had Tommy check the data to double check, and sure enough, Lizzie is back to her old way running ways, though she's still not quite as active as she once was in her youth. We're not quite sure what caused the dramatic slowdown in December, but I am happy to report it's over. :)


Matt said...

This is nice data - crazy that she just stopped and then started again so abruptly!! I don't believe it was the cold :P you guys are in CA - even san fran is much warmer than london!! :P

Tommy said...

I think she managed to figure out it was winter despite the constant temperature. I guess you can't underestimate an animal's instinct :) Though as Steph suggested, she might have also just had a hamster midlife crisis (though she doesn't seem to have purchased a fast car that we know about).

I'd be interested in seeing if Horatio ever exhibited the same behavior.